WP Engine
While pricy WP Engine offers much better performance, reliability and many other premium benefits then its competitors. Combine it with the generous 60-day money back guarantee and you have a one of the top WP hosting services in the world. The WP Engine website has a detailed comparison table that lists various plans and makes it easy to find the right one for you. Make a choice, and you are invited to choose the location of your site. Evaluating the WP Engine is difficult because the best parts of the service - management, performance optimization, reliability are not easy to see or measure. The service has built-in automatic backups as a rule that you usually pay additionally for with other hosts.
The useful Staging feature allows you to create a copy of your site for private testing. Built-in performance tests evaluate the performance of your site, gives it a rating and makes smart recommendations.
Payment plans:
$30 / MO
25,000 visits / month
10GB local storage
50GB bandwidth / month
1 site included
100,000 visits / month
20GB local storage
200GB bandwidth / month
10 sites included
$115 / MO
$290 / MO
400,000 visits / month
50GB local storage
500GB bandwidth / month
30 sites included
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